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How To Seal And Prevent Basement Leaks?

Want to know how to fix your basement leaks? You’re in the right place!

Basements should be dry and free of water. Whether you’re experiencing increased humidity, puddles of water, or cracks leaking – hiring professional basement repair Albany NY experts is the ideal option. And if you’re looking for ways to prevent it in the first place, then this write-up is for you. Our blog explains how to repair basement leaks, seal basement leaks, and prevent it.

Where Do Basement Leaks Come From?

These are the most common places from where water leaks into your basement:

  • Cove joints – These are the spaces between the walls and floors of your basement. When water builds up outside the walls, any small gap in your basement 
  • Honeycombing – Honeycombing occurs when concrete in your basement walls begin to deteriorate and water starts to seep through. Concrete honeycombs can be found on walls, footings, columns, beams, and slabs.
  • Over-the-top seepage – Water often leaks into your basement from the space between the basement wall and the ground floor. It is called over-the-top seepage.
  • Pipe penetration – Plumbers drill holes in your basement slightly bigger than the pipes themselves, then fill in the gaps with hydraulic cement. Water will seep into your home once the hydraulic cement breaks down. 
  • Cracks – When hydrostatic pressure pushes against your basement walls, the top of the wall can bow, lean, or sheer (while the bottom of the wall stays put). When your wall begins to move, it can crack under pressure. Regardless of their size, cracks in your basement will allow water to enter.

Anytime you witness any other leaks or cracks, you should immediately get in touch with professional basement repair Albany NY experts to handle the situation and repair the cracks before it takes a toll on your house. 

Before You Get Basement Leaks Fixed 

The problem might be bigger than you think if you have cracks in your basement walls. Prior to sealing leaks, experts recommend fixing bowing, leaning, or sheering walls with cracks.

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How To Seal Basement Leaks?

In order to prevent water from leaking into your basement, seal any cracks, joints, or spaces that are allowing leakage. The best way to fix leaks is with epoxy injection. In the first step, an epoxy bonding solution is used to create a surface patch. After that, a 2-part epoxy is injected into the crack or leaky area. Injecting this solution waterproofs and reinforces your basement walls.

The Best Way To Prevent Basement Leaks

The main cause of basement leaks is excessive water building up in the soil outside. Here are a few tips for preventing basement leaks.

Install a vapor barrier – This is a thin polyethylene sheet that is applied along the basement walls. A sheet with a thickness of 10 to 20 millimeters prevents moisture from seeping into your basement walls, channeling it into a drainage system for removal.

Install a drain tile system – The two types of drain tile systems are interior and exterior. An interior drain tile collects the water that’s been accumulating under your floor. An exterior drain tile system collects water that collects outside the walls of your basement. In both systems, water is stored and carried to a sump pump for disposal.

Install a sump pump – A sump pump is a fixture that sits on the floor of your basement. Drain tile systems collect water, which is then deposited in sump pits. A discharge line is connected to the sump pump. This helps it eject the collected water outside your basement when the water level reaches a certain level.

Install a French drain – French drains are perforated pipes placed just below the surface of your lawn. Drains are generally installed in areas of your yard where it is prone to pooling water.

Install gutter extensions – These are also called downspout extensions, and they prevent water from flowing directly into your foundation.

Grade your yard – The slope of your yard should be away from your home and basement. If water drains towards your basement, it can cause a lot of problems. Using a shovel and wheel barrel, you can make minor adjustments to your grading, but we recommend calling in professional basement repair Albany NY service if you need anything more substantial.


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